"Staying in the house breeds a sort of insanity, always"
Henry David Thoreau

We had the idea of setting up The Great Outdoors in the summer of 2020, the Pandemic Summer! Lucky enough to be surrounded by lush countryside and the rolling hills of Somerset meant getting out into The Great Outdoors didn’t take much effort for us, but this didn’t mean we were pros - far from it. On those long halcyon days with hours that stretched ahead, we found that even a short walk could become a long adventure if you had the right kit with you; a flask of tea, a mushroom knife or a book about trees, these small additions elevated a short stroll to a voyage of discovery.

We want to make sure you too are getting the most out of your everyday adventures by sharing some of our favourite products with you and by setting up a community of like-minded people. Join us over on Instagram where we’ll be growing this group of Great Outdoor enthusiasts, and get involved!