Autumn Walks

As the weather changes it can be harder to get outside but it's our favourite time of year for long weekend walks in the countryside or by the sea. Don't be put off by a bit of wind or rain, you just need to make sure you have the right gear, and packing a few extra treats is a good way to keep legs, both big and small, going for a bit longer.

Weather: Look out of the window, is it sunny, or wet? Windy, cold? Get dressed appropriately, layers are best so you can take them all off, then put them all on again. A woolly hat is always a good idea. As is sensible footwear, some that can get wet without disintegrating, and that you don't mind getting muddy. Nothing ruins a walk more than than worrying about getting your favourite shoes covered in mud. Wear good thick socks and a waterproof or windbreaker. Waterproof trousers are great for children (and clumsy grown ups).

Snacks & a drink: Bring them. Make a flask of something wet and warm (more on this in a later post) - tea, coffee, hot chocolate or whatever you fancy. Flapjacks, Kendal Mint Cake and chocolate Hob Nobs are all ideal walking snacks. Don't bother with trail mix, no one likes it.

Bag: Keep your load light, there's no need to lug a huge bag with you, just your hot drink, snack and a water bottle (children especially are always thirsty) should do it. You're going on a walk, not climbing Everest. 

Rug: We're partial to a rug here at The Great Outdoors HQ but it's not very practical. Find a dry log to sit on, or if you must just bring a small blanket, ideally waterproof it's been raining, or looks like it might.

For the pedantic amongst you it does pay to bring a change of shoes and a plastic bag, or lay some cardboard down in the back of the car, for very muddy boots. 

Off you go! And do let us know how you get on...